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Katharine Robinson, Research Associate, EcoSearch

In Wind Energy on March 5, 2009 at 6:52 pm


MRINetwork is hired by businesses to find and recruit people who have the talent and skills that fit respective mid-level managerial or executive positions. Katharine Robinson, an employee of EcoSearch, a part of MRINetwork, uses the Internet “to hunt people down and find them incredible [green] job opportunities they might not otherwise know about.” This requires that Robinson be aware of how the Internet is functioning most effectively and how she can best use it to help EcoSearch serve their clients.

EcoSearch has taken the MRINetwork business model and focuses on the fields of renewable energy, clean technology and carbon management, searching out candidates that meet expectations and show the potential to thrive. Robinson describes EcoSearch as the “specialist headhunters in the clean technology and renewable energy industry, working on a global basis to source executives, professionals and technical experts with hard to find skills.” Though MRINetwork has been around for more than forty years, EcoSearch began in 2001 when environment-centered companies became large enough to need the same talent as any other industry.

Robinson’s job is finding assignments, monitoring industry intelligence, advertising jobs online and promoting EcoSearch’s Web site. She also leverages social media tools, such as the blog she created for EcoSearch, to increase the size of the company’s network in the “Clean Tech” space. This involves maintaining profiles at Internet hotspots like Facebook and Twitter in order to keep the company current and competitive. Robinson and EcoSearch realize the importance of being a part of the progressive Internet community: “Cloud computing and Web 2.0 are things we like to feel we are ahead of the curve on. I am massively passionate about Web 2.0 and its user-generated content.” By creating a presence for EcoSearch in all corners of the Internet, the company’s current resources are expected to become even more productive.

Robinson is not only well-versed in what is effective on the Internet, but also in how the environmental market and environmental technology systems work. She says that her education prepared her for the areas she has to be familiar with in order to understand her current job. She graduated from ReadingUniversity with a degree in physics and mathematics and later held a job that gave her the opportunity to develop IT as well as management skills. On being able to apply these subjects to her current job, she says, “I think my education gave me a very logical mind and a comfort with computers that has been invaluable. I also have enough basic knowledge of physics to understand the principles surrounding energy generation.”

Robinson is eager to see where Web 2.0 is headed in the future. She says, “When I got excited about the World Wide Web back in the mid nineties, I didn’t really understand why it was so exciting. Now I am beginning to realise that this is what I could see: every person having a voice and a potential audience of everyone else…should they be interesting enough.”

It makes sense that MRINetwork would be interested in using the Internet for publicity and as a tool for expanding their clientele and serving current clients, as their Web site states, “This ability to reinvent itself is the chief reason that MRINetwork continues to thrive and grow when many companies that tried to imitate its success have failed.” Robinson’s job, essentially managing Internet relations, is a relatively new position in companies like EcoSearch, but is making an impact in a new age of advertising and communications.

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