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altE: Living The Renewable Energy Lifestyle

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The slogan of this Web site is “Making renewable do-able.” Couple that with the bright, inviting colors, altE has an inviting tone not only for its goal of helping the environment but also for its visitors and customers.

At altE, there is a store, a university and an online community. The main focus across the three platforms is renewable energy and how to spread the word about those who have incorporated themselves into the renewable energy lifestyle.

The main sources of renewable energy are wind, solar, water and heat. On altE’s homepage products are for sale, including solar panels and wind systems, which cater to these sources and like to display the customer feedback on these products as well. But one does not have to be a customer of the altE store to share a story about living the renewable energy life.

The site also offers an online university that educates visitors about how to live the renewable energy lifestyle through installation and education. They offer online videos, how-to manuals (how to install solar panels into your home, for example) and classes in Ohio and Massachusetts. Renewable energy technology is making a huge difference in the lives of many countries, so education is essential. Because of this, altE caters to such needs of individuals seeking to learn about the technology and/or install it.

The altE community is where visitor stories come into play. Those who have been educated on the technology of renewable energy have the opportunity to share their success stories about the application of their education into their personal lives or work. There are forumsblogs, and a customer gallery. The blogs also help with spreading the word about renewable energy and the success many have found within it.

Many in the energy industry should enjoy altE’s Web site. Renewable energy efficiency is on the rise as many countries around the world are beginning to set their sights on making this a primary source of energy. If an individual is not in the technology industry by profession, but is interested in what renewable energy may have to offer for his or her life and lifestyle, then altE’s site would be a great place to begin this education.

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