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Developing Countries and Biotechnology: a Good Match

In Biotechnology on October 21, 2008 at 1:34 pm

Food Insecurity in Africa can be solved with Biotechnology, some Believe

via NABDA – A report made by Bamidele Solomon of National BioTechnology Development Agency affirmed that the NABDA supports the use of biotechnology to yield crops in developing countries and/or countires with food insecurities like Nigeria in en effort to rise above food poverty. He emphasized the use of strategy and training to make biotechnology effective and efficient.

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Food security and Developing Countries

via Journal on Science and World Affairs.

Magdelena Kropiwnicka’s essay on the agricultural uses of BioTechnology in developing countries reveals both praises and criticisms for the emerging technology on a global, legal, “exacerberate social, economic, and environmental” scale. Examination of the history and Intellectual Property rights are also commenced in the essay, giving readers a very broad insight to BioTechnology’s many avenues and possibilities for success, or downfall.

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India sees promise in BioTechnology

via RNCOS.

The technology that is deemed “bioagriculture” in India is fast-growing in the world’s second-largest producer of food. Products such as cotton have proven to be a success, both monetarily and production-wise, while other “transgenic plants” products such as corn, cabbage, rice, brassica and others are currently under trials and testing. A report, Booming Biotech Market in India, gives an insight to the industry of biotechnology and the advantages it can offer to India.

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Africa Now Focuses on Biotechnology as Poor Yields Begin to Bite

In Biotechnology on October 1, 2008 at 1:54 am

Via Truth About Trade & Technology:

Poor agricultural yeids and rising food insecurity in sub–Saharan Africa has brought into sharp focus the role of modern agricultural technology in human development.

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